Monday, 11 June 2007


so ive decided to run this blog on after the web elective class because im always getting stuff i find on the net as an insipration and it would be nice too just have it all their when im feeling a lil blue.

ok lets get too it.
what i cant wait for is this

30days of night the comic book is awesome and the film looks really good too

plus ben templesmith's work is great, i just love the texsture of his work, and the layers hes been using with photoshop, i really want too push my animations with more texture to them.
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I also got a limited edition jeffrey brown card as well :)

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. i really need to get my cv out get some shit bar job while im at uni, i really want a job where i get to just sit their and draw and drink ink while im at uni, but alas i probally will have to serve people drinks.