Thursday, 26 April 2007

The DIV tag is something i have no idea how to create, i wanted a quick and easy way to update the site, within a confined space so can keep a constant list of updates, and keep the viewers up to date with what i am doing.

I had to cheat a little bit in order to get the the Div tage, by swiping someone else's code but by doing this it gave me better understanding of how the HTML works, as the code i got didnt fit the page, so i had to re adjust the code width and change the width so i wouldnt get a horrible over flow on the bottom.

I am currently playing with the border along the top, and have started to play with what it is id like to highlight that it is the news section. I also want to create a back ground using the css style sheets, this is how i created the txt too change itss size and height.

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Swap shop

I experimented with creating the desired effect that i am going to apply to both my photography section and illustration section in dreamweaver

I had to create smaller and larger versions of the images and import them all into the root folder, once this was done i could apply 'Image Swap' at first it worked but it was mearly an image swap i wanted the image to stay still on the right and it would only go away when you clicked on another item, to do this you simply change the actions on the mouse too on 'double click, swap image'

At first i just wanted this style of navigation just to be within my photography section, but as i began to do more research i learnt people had used this style for the whole site, and its better to have a site that flows. I began to experiment in class with image swap in class, but i wanted the image to stay on click and would disappear when clicked off.

I began to design how i would want my site too look, as i didn't want a chaotic mess that was bombarded with animations, i want my site to be simple and elegant. This will enable the viewer to go over the site in a professional way, and let my work express what i can do.

Above i have the main page where it has a basic six or seven box's that have the same links as those above, just under the banner (the banner will be on every page, as too will the navigation bar). In the bottom right i want to have a scrolling device this is where i will insert updates, such as 'new illustrations' then explain some of the work etc.

the bottom right is a more clear view of how i want it too look, stylistically i haven't really got around to making a clear choice of what i want.