Thursday, 16 October 2008

trick r' treat

Michael Dougherty directed this awesome looking horror flick, its exactly my cup of tea, as its similar intone to EC comic books and the Creep Show.

warner brothers has apparently messed about with the distribution so who knows when were going to get it here in the UK. their also hints the film will go straight to DVD, which is a real shame as their are so many terrible horror films getting distribution.

I got an awesome book about the filming of the movie which you can buy over at amazon.

The film was based upon an animation Dougherty made while studying 'seasons greetings'

This really is a similar tone to the Johnny Caddilac story im fleshing out.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

ticking along..

Ive set up camp at the parents as i have too look after my little pooch for a bit (i didn't want her to go to the kennels). I have changed some aspects of the animation to fit in with the overall tones of it. The trees aren't all going to be the same color and will tie more to the scrap book feel I want it too have. Ive also made the lighting better :)

Didn't mean to post this on here arr well carry on...

this is possibly the best zoo ever

magdalena bors is an amazing find creating landscapes out of.. well anything

Lisa Mitchell not only a great talent.. I love this video its so simple yet effective :)

Tuesday, 7 October 2008


Ive got to keep on trucking with this blogg.

I am currently ill at the moment. So when ive not been compositing ive been rendering or watching JJ ABRAMS new tv show Fringe

While I am enjoying the show I still cant think of Joshua Jackson as Pacey from Dawson creek.

Im also watching the new heroes, im wrestling with it and my final conclusion is its better than the second by a little bit, but I really really hate it when writers have obviously thrown their papers up in the air and see what lands on top. Their is just to many character changes.

With Chalie Kauffmans new movie about to come out

I watched Adaptation for the first time, I have no idea why I haven't seen this before I love Spike Jonze I think Nick Cage put me off for some reason. This was by far my favorite cage performance followed by Raising Arizona.

Björk new video is immense everything has been thrown into this. She just constantly churns out great videos.

Also when Disney was scary

Carlos Lascano does the most wonderfull animations crashing several style of animation together to form the below, i always like the way he does the eyes.

The Can from Carlos Lascano on Vimeo.