Wednesday, 16 January 2008

More inspirations

Sarah Roper's use of materials is something I am very fond off, while i use after effects as a tool to create an animation I am very keen to create a sense of craft.

The use of newspaper, is something I am considering for this animation, their are also several other methods I am considering.

Emiel Penders

The main aspect of this animation that appeals to me is the use of live footage with animation which is seen in the opening segment.

No Country for Old men

First film of the year ive seen, wish i saw this at the Leeds film festival alas i missed it, amazing cinematography and I have never liked tommy Lee jones so much, the acting was amazing. This perhaps has my new favorite villain in it as well. Thank god the Coen brothers are back. Go see.

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Influences for the character

I have been looking into influences for our character, and i have found the most fruitfull source of inspiration lies within graphic novels, especially more human based stories, from the likes of Will Eisner, Adrian Tomine, Daniel Clowes. The characters are exstremely self indulgent and perfectly reflects out character. I can imagine this is these are the kind of books she reads.

Also, I think the style of Adrian Tomine, perfectly reflects the characters personality, simple and direct.

On keeping with the idea of revealing things to their simplest. I remembered this 1980's movie by John carpenter called 'They Live' , this scene shows the main character discover that these sunglasses he wears reveals the truth.

I also imagine her mind to somewhat function in this way, everything fits.

Slinky Pictures style of colliding animation with live action has always been an influence and nothing works better than Dads Dead, and this is perhaps the angle i am wanting to take the animation.

With D&ad initially i was worried about the 60 seconds limit, for introducing a character. Then I remembered this animation done for playstation 2, its exactly 60 seconds long. The pace is blistering not giving the audience a chance.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Its begun....

So today we have officially started the D&AD briefs.  Finally settling upon the the animation brief has enabled me to just get down to it.  This will also be my first collaboration, fingers crossed it goes well. 

Some of my favorite animators and animations are below. 

Slinky pictures is an animation company I am highly inspired by the use of film and animation colliding together is really where i want to take my animations, DADS dead clearly illustrates this. The animation above is collaboration with David Shrigley who also worked with Blur for Shylona. This once again mixes both Slinkys and Shrigleys dark and amusing take on life.

U.P.A animation is my absolute inspiration for wanting to do animation, everything about their work is perfection, the use of type the simplistic settings, great character development and a childish sentament, at the same time the stuido still made other dark and more adult cartoons such as the Tale Tell heart.

Spike Jonze work is highly inspirational, I think the main reason is he like gondry makes the impossible plausible not only with his worlds but with the techniques he uses. Much like Michael Gondry.

And of course Saul bass, who cares if everyone copied him he is the master, i prefer his more tactile approach to tittle sequences which can be seen in 'Bunny Lake Is Missing'

Which leads onto the contemporary master Kyle Cooper his work usually out does the work of the films he works for.

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Another one of my more bizarre inspirations is cinema intermission commercials.

Friday, 4 January 2008


Before I go sleep, i think its time I did an update

I am about to finish the bizarre christmas series of illustration, they are made up of rice, I am going to run a few A3 prints of these as well.

I also went to manchester the other day, blog coming soon.