Thursday, 16 October 2008

trick r' treat

Michael Dougherty directed this awesome looking horror flick, its exactly my cup of tea, as its similar intone to EC comic books and the Creep Show.

warner brothers has apparently messed about with the distribution so who knows when were going to get it here in the UK. their also hints the film will go straight to DVD, which is a real shame as their are so many terrible horror films getting distribution.

I got an awesome book about the filming of the movie which you can buy over at amazon.

The film was based upon an animation Dougherty made while studying 'seasons greetings'

This really is a similar tone to the Johnny Caddilac story im fleshing out.


Dan Brusca said...

It will be a miracle if this ever gets released here, which is a shame because I'm a big big big Leslie Bibb fan.

I too picked up the book, which is just fantastic. One of the better movie tie-ins.

hippo_boy_will said...

That dougherty animation was REALLY nice..

Whats with the kid from Bad Santa being in Trick r Treat? Has he actually aged since that last film? And does he only work in holiday-related productions?